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been on such an offensive all of a sudden has to be on the defensive, and he doesn't handle it very well. >> there were several things that hart didn't handle well, but that's another sry. >> he was reeling. we came right backn with another punch, which was the red phone. >> the most awesome, powerl responsibility in the world lies in the hand that picks up this phone. >> again, they used emotion to sell the idea that gary hart was styl not substance. >> vote as if the future of the world is at stake. >> decades later -- >> it's 3:00 a.m., and your children are safe andsleep, but there's a phone in the white house and it's ringing. >> hillary clinton's consultants used the same theme to attack barack obama. >> who do you want answering the phone? >> in this case it was barack obama, because he answered the red phone at 3:00 in the morning. said, gary heart answered the red phone at 2:00 in the morning. did they steal it from us? absolutely. >> today's ads are more likely to be direct attacks. >> barack obama, what a disappointment. >> americans say we don't like these attacks, but t
's eve this year, a hundred billion on sequester in defense and nondefense spending will hit. and unemployment insurance will stop, so when you add that up, 700 billion, nearly 5% of gdp on an annualized basis, i'm not confident that political system has capacity to deal with a world wind this massive. neil: why are the markets so sanguine through this? >> there is no one at home on wall street, these are basically robots trading world clouds emitted by federal reserve or other tral banks in the world, they trade day-to-day hour to hour, based on latest new an in word, -- ne nuance in the world, this is not a one time events. neil: some are, jamie dimon of j.p. morgan is marshals for it. >> we're forming now a fiscal cliff war room, command center and all this stuff to make sure we understand it, j.p. morgan will survive a fiscal cliff, i think it is terrible policy to allow it to get close. neil: prepare for something bad? >> i think they are prepared. but -- >> what would a brokerage firm or investorment bank have to do to be repaired. >> i'm not sure, but they have a multi
on defense, 600 billion with an ax, they're going to say you're dysfunctional and we want more money for our money and inflation kicks up and the guy that gets hurt the worse, the little guy that everybody talks about day and night. >> a funny thing happened on the way to the debate. neither candidate getting a question on that fiscal cliff. and so, if they are talking about it, as a time for taxpayers to start worrying about it? to ben stein, gerri willis and ben stein and charlie gasperino. >> people have to figure 0 this out. 90% of american households here are going to find some kind of new tax and that means 500 billion dollars is going to be raised. 120 million households are going to be impacted not just the expiration of the bush tax cuts, there are now obamacare taxes going into place and it's going to kill investments and taxes on dividends go up 20%, long-term capital gains taxes go up 7%, i'm telling you if ne don't work on this, the whole economy is going to come skidding to a halt. >> and ben, the irony of course the debates focused on the economy and this seems like question h
with part of the budget control act. it is split between defense and non-defense fell the 3% of spending. is nothing. >> this does not go far enough? >> no. and the budget with spending cuts and paul ryan's cuts is only 10% of spending. $400 billion per year named as duplication and overlap from senator sessions and senator kohlberg 10 percent most have done that to say business. >> is there a political appetite on either side? they had a presidential debate. the fiscal cliff was not even brought up. who has the will to say this is not draconian the? >> the republican house proposed a budget of even more spending cuts and what chairmen ryan proposed. >> hugo year-round the say i have a plan in hand. take of buzz saw to it. fayyad of great plant corporations put more into the welfare fund but then they say higher taxes across the board is there the political will? >> they have to. otherwise it will be the future consequences medicated zinn trouble, the smaller items are so easy 26 different agencies the government is going broke why do they tell us how to balance the checkbook? >> you hav
, for democracy, for individual rights. we should not be imposing these devastating defense cuts because what that does when we equivocate on our values, when we show we are slowing our defense, shows weakness. when we with weak, adversaries attack us and -- biden: with all do respect. that's a bunch of molarky. nothing you said is accurate. >> moderator: be specific. biden: i will be very specific. number of one, the lecture on embassy security, the congressman here cut the budget by $300 million below what we asked for. number one. so much for the embassy security piece. number two, governor romney, before he knew the facts, before he even knew our ambassador was killed was out making a political statement which was panned by the media around the world, and this talk about this -- this weakness, i don't understand what my phren's talking about here. this is a president who went out and has done everything he said he was going to do, a guy who repaired alliances so the rest of the world follows us again, and brought the entire world including russia and china to bring about the most devastat
in prime-time. neil cavuto and lou dobbs this hour. both with their own opinions. connell: the defense secretary on the bank cyberattacks. says it is a free 9/11 moment. dagen: a penny more for a scam. this is no answer to the debt problems at the u.s. postal service. connell: i don't know the answer to that. money and politics. a lot to do on friday but we begin with nicole petallides every 15 minutes at the exchange. j. p. morgan and wells fargo in focus. nicole: i want to focus on j. p. morgan -- jpmorgan. we heard a lot from jamie dimon on a conference call and that is why we see a down arrow. a cautionary tone going forward. jpmorgan had a great quarter. both companies, wells fargo missed on the numbers but when you are looking at the two of them both have one thing in common and that is as you see recovery in housing j.p. -- jpmorgan said their mortgage lending has been higher. lower interest rates helped that a long and wells fargo is the largest home lender and talked about banking jumped as well. that is moving along but you see down arrows on both of these. connell: it was fu
of defense and china expert gordon chang, author of the coming collapse of china. i cannot imagine a better panel. i am going to start with you. reading you some of the results from this report. chinese actors are also the world's most active and persistent perpetrators of economic espionage. u.s. private sector firms and cyber security specialists reported ongoing onslaught of sophisticated computer network intrusions that originated in china. what is the real risk here? is it all economic damage that we are worried about? is there more? >> there is a lot. think of trojan horses. for more than a decade beijing has been conducting the world's most extensive cyber espionage and attacking campaign. the white house, pentagon, defense contractors, greta operators, democracy groups. china wants to sell the telecom backbone because if they do that it makes the attacking easier. gerri: that makes sense. i get that. i want you to hear something mike rogers had to say about this report. >> i argued this. listen, this is something we should raise to a bilateral level with china. they have gone unfett
department at the defense department, to make sure that the critical issues are brought to the president's attention. this was obviously a very high-risk posed and, indeed, it was opposed where al qaeda killed our ambassador. the entire national security staff to list? biggest if so and his comments seemed to indicate that the maid is the state department's responsibility alone, want to know what is going to the mind of diligence and right now and, perhaps an even more importantly what is going to the mind of bill clinton that his boss, secretary has just been determined the bus. lou: well, the author of the book, the best seller, new york times best selling but the amateur on the obama administration today writing for the daily caller saying that he is aware now of a rift that has broken out between the clintons and the obama lighthouse ad ch of that divide has been created by the way in which te secretary of state has been treated in this -- in what is now becoming , one could say a controversy, a scandal in benghazi. >> there is a lot to go around. that is for sure. part of it comes b
. that is great for boeing. secondly the u.s. government is lowering the defense spending but you've got foreign countries buying their fighter jets from saudi arabia to brazil. they have contracts. so that kind of makes up for it. they laid off 8,000 employees over the last two years. they're anticipating a slowdown in u.s. defense spending. they're getting ready for that. that is a good thing to see with boeing. fuel cost rises fuel efficiency is a big deal. that is what dreamliner gives them. they have a seven-year backlog. liz: it is a popular aircraft. from the aircraft maker to the carrier, folks taking notes here. boeing and gap he says will outperform. now the two you feel will underperform earnings expectations. we go to an air carrier. >> jetblue. unfortunately they aren't as low cost as they used to be. they pride themselves on their lower costs. they used to charge, used to cost them 5 cents for each available passenger kilometer. now costs them 7 cents. so they're not as low as they used to be just three years ago. that is a worrying sign for jetblue. hurricane irene affected them.
. sandra: charlie, you see reason to play defense into the upcoming election. in fact, you say there is a way to say if romney wins or if president obama wins. what would that exactly be if there was various outcomes to the election, obviously? >> i think the chances are that capital i believe pretty much on strike for most of this year is going to see the potential for better economy, the first year of any administration doesn't tend to be that good of a year for the market or the economy. the market would definitely see the possibility to come off the sideline in the later part of next year into 2014. your previous guest talking about how a win for obama pretty much has been discounted, but if you see it, it'll be capital sitting on its hands for the next four years. david: if in fact obama wins the election, fiscal cliff is resolved, therefore you think all this cash, we are seeing great market again, but it has been on low volumes. the thing that would change into flooded the market? >> yes, i do. even more importantly is for romney to reverse obamacare. for small and midsi
and defenders coming up with new defenses. the defenses do evolve rapidly but the attackers, they see the defenses that are out there and defenders problem they have to protect everything and attackers only find one thing. so the bad guys do have the initiative and have it pretty consistently. tracy: last time you were here, you told ashley we were in the middle of a full-blown cyber war, right? if that is the case our government should be protecting us from the cyber war. this is only time i think there should be government intervention. how come the government hasn't come down to help the smaller banks? i get it. they can't afford to protect themselves. >> yeah i think we have to be a little circumspect about what the government can do. once again because these attacks are taking advantage of the very nature of the internet and how web servers work and how internet traffic works it becomes very difficult to say that, you know, can the government shut these things down? well this traffic looks completely legitimate until you see what's deep inside of it. it actually gets to a point w
: congressman jordan, representing the republicans. they seem eager to spend more on defense. >> it is a dangerous world. peace through strength -- strength. a strong military to project strength around the world. it's important. remember our allies, this demonstration. i think it is just flat wrong. and then third, you need to rethink foreign aid. i have a colleague has a great line. we don't have to pay people to hate estimate probably do it for free. so we need to everything to foreign aid. here is the bottom line. the world is a scary place. it is a dangerous world, but it's a better place with our values, history, heritage. that is why it is all important. we need to be careful. john: thank you. when we returned my take on life after the welfare state. ♪ john: after the welfare state, that is an optimistic title and assumes there will be an end to our current destructive dependency system. that is by no means clear. in europe today people demonstrate and right to protest almost any cutback, and they have an absurd welfare state. why are they so upset? increase governme
important of our defense pro pry tear information, so in that sense they have done a lot of attacks, are they trying to operate on the quirketty exchanges with alga rythms to disrupt trading might be another question. lou: it seems that wall street having enough success on its own thank you. using these high frequency trading, highly sophisticated series of programmatic trades, last week, 4% of the volume estimated to have been because of one algorithm carrying out false trades if you will, a scout program on the market, this is getting stupid, is it not? about well, -- >> wall street? >> yeah, the scout program, as you say, a euphemism for an attempt to manipulate equity markets in a particular way with vast amount of trading on a short period of time, 70% is high frequency, it can be disguised in this massive share of market gain by high frequency trading, this is a danger. the exchanges have to do much more about curtailing it. lou: i think we should be clear with our audience, high frequency firms are often associated with and part of in fact, the ownership of the exchange itsel
as vigorously by his friends is by governor romney. now we learn the defense secretary leon panetta has sent our troops to georgia. to make a clear statement of support to our jordanian allies and an unmistakable signal to turkey and iran to take some care and some caution. my guest tonight is no stranger to foreign policy. the white house is running from the political fallout and a crumbling middle east. joining us now is k.t. mcfarland. it is great to have you with us. let's start with the testimony before the house oversight committee,. >> what happens in an election year is that the policy misfires. the administration from the white house, wants to get as far away from the president as he can. so he has no idea who did what, when did they do it, who said what. eventually the dust settled and then what happens is the administration has to blame everybody. lou: it's inconceivable that the president of the united states three weeks into this tragedy is talking about an internet video and not talking about terrorism, the terrorists who killed an american ambassador and at the same time, the pare
departmenlabordepartment of mans numbers so fortune editor in chief weeks to the president defense. and unfortunately, a writer did a couple of nasty stories pointing out that he laid off 100,000 people in 20 years. though they have had plenty of layoffs as they can revenue 50% in a decade. and jack welch counter punches instead in the "wall street journal" liking the beating he's taken over this to soviet russia. jack welch also come under attack from former obama economic advisor saying on al gore current tv that it is absolutely and totally ridiculous to say somehow some political people change the numbers. this is crazy stuff. oh yeah? he himself questioned the honesty of the job numbers in the bush administration in '03 in "new york times" that they have been buying people off their employment rolls i and the government has cooked the books. in a counter tweet he said jack, you completely missed cited my old report, it was about those parties in congress not administration changing numbers. you know what, i did read it, i failed to see the distinction, sir. back to you, cheryl. cheryl: dennis, t
about, they're there are only really three questions. there is the defense and in cliff and the domestic sequester quick. but let's remember one other thing. there is a big cost of doing nothing. you know, just allowed these deficits to go on through a trillion dollars a year. i happen to think that by far the most dangerous thing in terms of the immediate future is to allow those tax rates go up. i agree with you. by the way, the congressional buet office, if we let those tax rates go up, starting on january 1, higher capital gains, didends, business taxes, estate taxes go up, too, if, if you believe it back to tumble into a double dip recession. and that would be extremely painful. i don't think the spending cuts are that big of a problem, really. i actually think it is about time that we start cutting these programs across the bard. >> actually agree with you on that car. first of all, you and i know that customs is a misnomer here. having said that, how do they avoid this, and what can they do? >> i do not believe that this fiscal cliff will happen. i think members of both parties ar
to the president's defense on msnbc to insist the economy is getting better. unfortunate, a writer did two nasty stories saying he laid off 100,000 people in 20 years. about as much to do with this controversy as the fact they had seen its circulation revenue hit 50% in a decade. welch quitting and going to the "wall street journal" where in an op-ed today he said i was right about the strange jobs report likened the bashing he has received to soviet russia. jack welch coming under fire from economic advisors. telling elliot spitzer on al gore's current tv that it is absolutely and totally ridiculous that somehow some political people changed the numbers. this is crazy stuff. oh, yeah? none other than the same guy himself questioned the honesty of the job numbers during the bush administration in '03 in "the new york times" writing may have been buying people off the unemployment rolls, the government has cooked the books. thank you for your consistency. tracy: good stuff. really cool. you get to a certain age where i will say anything i want. >> and journalists love it. tracy: it is great. but
. >> and the defense contractors also. cheryl: we also showed that basically that defense will be a big loser if the president stays in office. >> there will be different winners and losers depending on who wins. and all environments, you do very well owning consumer brands that that people love. they take advantage of the growth of the middle class. what we suggest is who matters does when. if you are not sure, you should be in index funds. what you want to do after the next several years is what you will find. again, if obama retains, you will want to avoid certain sectors. if romney wins, you will want to invest in certain sectors. cheryl: we really do not know who will win at this point. joe durrant, thank you. >> thank you. dennis: it is a quarter till. every 15 minutes we have stocks now. nicole is taking a look at navistar. nicole: it is dumping more than 7%. you have some activists including karl icahn. they have been working very hard to try to change some of the board members. the number of board members would be ten. what they are doing is replacing three board members. the third n
a missile defense system near the border with lebanon. just days after it shot down an unmanned aircraft that flew over its airspace. that drone is widely believed to have come from lebanon. the country's militant group hezbollah has deployed similar aircraft in the past. >>> and coca-cola, pepsi and dr. pepper are set to roll out new vending machines that will list the calorie counts of their sodas. it comes ahead of a regulation that will require the machines and restaurant chains to post the information for the public as early as next year. those are your news headlines on the fox business network. i'm patti ann brown, dagen back to you. dagen: thank you. >>> front page of the "wall street journal," employees and executives at goldman sachs have turned on president obama and gone all in for mitt romney. a story our charlie gasparino reported months ago. the journal said that goldman employees donated more than a million dollars to the president's campaign back in 08. this year that amount is down to $136,000. meantime, the romney camp has received $900,000 from goldman employees, plus
. the fact is, now that romney lied to me that is there defense. if it wasn't for bad news the president would not make news on the economy, foreign policy, or anything else, and it is now up to them to play offense. they can't because they have a record 56 quickly name one thing that this president has taken -- i mean, brad makes a great point. one thing, foreign policy, domestic policy, personal life, whenever, one thing he has taken responsibility for. one failing. >> the killing of osama bin london is what he takes credit for. lou: that credit. that is a success. with that we have to say thank you. but here with a list of all sorts of answers on their next appearance. one viewer makes it very interesting observation about subsidies to the public broadcasting system. we will be right back. stay with us. ♪ this happy couple used capital one venture miles fotheir "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out..... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toa
?. >> in defense i rode rode my bicycle to work. melissa: steve, give a picture. i don't believe it. >> i will tweet it to you after this i absolutely did. melissa: good for you. >> give governor brown credit. he often gets criticized for siding with environmentalists against consumers and bbsinesses. this time he went the other way. good for him. we have the delicate balance. we want to protect the environment. we're very proud of the beautiful landscape out here in california but we also want to make sure we don't strangle businesses. that delicate balance is hard to achieve but i think governor brown did the right thing. melissa: i can't believe you're making this argument. it is completely ridiculous. drivers have only themselves to blame. this was riff ren dumb to special cocktail of gasoline that so so expensive and so rare. not only that in 2015 it is getting worse. another proposition came in where standards will get even higher, tighting the stranglehold around drivers you're talking about. votely theirselves to blame for this situation and getting relief from this little respite
plan market offense. not defense. woman: she wants to be home with her friends. but at this moment, she's fighting a brain tumor. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit stjude.org. cheryl: we told you the first time jobless claims report which came out looking better than expected those numbers caused a few questions to be raised because their request in california was not counted into these numbers. peter barnes as a washington d.c.. peter: california may not have reported claims numbers more to the point but a labor department spokesman just released a statement with an unexpected drop in unemployment claims to push back on this reporting by us and others reporting issues by claims and a large state. economists say it is likely california is responsible and there seems to be some confusion about the report so here is our statement. every state reported claims data this week. the decline in claims was different by smaller than expected increases and because of drops in claims in a number of states, where we were expecting increases
line. ryan on the defensive, ryan the bystander says "the washington post." will it last? america watched the vice-president interrupt frequently, smirk far too much and just get the facts plain wrong. and paul ryan went right at the obama record and the issues, taxes in particular. and he won the warned the middle class, watch out, this president will take more of you. you'll see it on the program and astonished at this. the european union wins the nobel peace prize, yes, collapsing rioting europe wins for peace, incredible. "varney & company" is about to begin. >> ryan focussed on the issues and biden focusing on attacking and interrupting. you could argue either man won. one of the big moments when they were talking about taxes and listen to this exchange. >> the only way you can find 5 trillion dollars in loopholes is cut the mortgage deduction for middle class people, cut the health care deduction, middle class people, take away their ability to get a tax break to send their kids to college. that's why they-- >> is he wrong about that? >> he's wrong about that. >> how is tha
of dividend-paying stocks that are in the defensive sector while you can still pocket a 3% yield. liz: a vanguard high-dividend yield. david: and yum. tony, you're big on yum. you must be happy with the news, right? >> well, i mean, it is great, you know? 50% of companies are missing on the top end, so to hear 'em do that, you know, it's good news. david: all right. tony and david, thank you, gentlemen. good to see you both. appreciate it. liz: thank you very much. david: chinese telecom giant huawei is being called a national security threat or at least it could become one by a new congressional report. the company isn't taking the accusations lightly, they're calling it reckless, and we have huawei's vice president of external affairs to make his case coming up. liz: don't miss that. plus, don't miss this: orasure, the company that came out with the home hiv test, that test hitting stores you can take it home, do can it privately. could be a huge game changer. the ceo joins us in his first be business television interview with a look at this revolutionary product. and stand by, he i
a defenses to stop any personal data getting leaked out but it does cause of the system to crash. this group is targeting region financial. they are not suffering a slowdown. but the attack usually launched about this time. new york time. towards 2:00 eastern is when they seem to be bearing the brunt of them. legion financial issued a statement to fox business earlier in which they said we take online security seriously and taking every measure to protect the company and our customers. we saw suntrust and capitalone promising to continue these attacks until youto remove the film innocence of muslims from the web page. one thing that cyber tech analysts are warning about this attack when i talk about hackers using thousands of personal computers these attacks are more sophisticated according to analysts because they are not using personal computers to launch the cyberattacks. they're using web servers. they need fewer computers and have more power when a target financial institutions. that is troubling to those on the securities side because the first time they have seen this kind of situatio
of the president obama's term. former cbo director douglas holtz-eakin weighs in ahead. ashley: defense secretary leon panetta says, the united states could face a quote, cyber pearl harbor. former cybersecurity chief howard schmidt will be along. he will tell us what the government should be doing to protect america. lori: that is it quite concerning. ashley: the banks can't seem to protect themselves. it will be interesting to speak to him. as we do every 15 minutes, let's head down to the floor of nyse, heading lower. >> ashley, essentially lower all week. we're going to close down for the week at this rate. let's look at the s&p 500 now. the level to watch is essentially right where we are, 1428. that is the 50-day moving average. if we close below that level today which is entirely likely, that might signal more of a downturn and suggesting that this rally we've essentially seen all summer is over. so that is something that definitely worth discussing and looking at as we test this key support level. as for the tech-heavy nasdaq, it's been down for six days in a row now. like you said earlie
Search Results 0 to 48 of about 49 (some duplicates have been removed)